a collaborative research project that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice


Andreea G. Lupu


Currently doing an MA in Arts and Project Management at Birmingham City University, Andreea is managing the online content of the conference, also contributing to the overall organization of the event. She is particularly interested in the artistic means that can facilitate societal and environmental change, wishing to build a professional career in this direction. She has gained valuable experience working for film festivals in several cities of Romania and contributing to the increase of their visibility. Her previous degree research focused on the concept of site-specificity in the practice of lorgean theatre, the first apartment theatre in Bucharest, meant to culturally rehabilitate the blocks in the capital city through drama and performance acts.


Chris A. Wright


Based in the East Midlands, I am an artist and researcher exhibiting both nationally and internationally. Currently developing work with sound and light as a way of renegotiating borders and transitional spaces,  I usephotography, sculpture, installation, film and performance. My PhD is in Fine Art and Philosophy and I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at ICCAR (International Centre for Contemporary Art Research) at Birmingham School of Art. My role at the conference is to assist with the performances ( I am an Equity member) and to help with general tasks.