In Dialogue

An International Symposium that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice




‘InDialogue is the only platform I know of that provides a space for substantive international exchange on issues associated with dialogue, across the boundaries of visual art, theater and performance studies. It provides a rare opportunity for researchers and artists in all of these disciplines to learn from each other and does a great deal to advance the critical conversation in this burgeoning field. As dialogue and participation become ever more central methods across the arts and humanities events like InDialogue will only become more important.’     Grant Kester 2015


It was really important to us, as students, that we were seen and heard on the same level as the contributing artists. At all times the symposium was very inclusive and there was no sense of hierarchy within discussions. Two examples in particular come to mind. The first being an informal discussion regarding our then current ideas with Tom Estes. As third year students, we were exposed to invaluable opportunities to discuss our developing practices with renowned international artists. The second example would be during the brunch in which were asked to voice our opinions alongside the contributors to the event. As volunteers, we did not expect to have our opinions as valued as they were.


The symposium challenged our, perhaps, limited understanding of dialogue/communication/conversation within art. The ideas were successfully delivered to us in a way that was rarely achieved during our University experience. For example, through panel discussions, performances, and informal conversations. Retrospectively, we now appreciate how the ideas put forward during the symposium fed into and nourished each of our developing artistic practices. Further, it also held influence on the way that we would go onto discuss and deliver our own work.


Participating in such a successful symposium reinforced our desire to pursue curatorial practices and involvement in the co-ordination of art events. Following our work at the symposium, we felt equipped to organise and head events such as Nottingham Zine Festival 2014, 5 Squared II, and NTU Fine Art Auction 2015.


We think that it is very beneficial that the symposium’s social media pages are still active. They have extended into a site for further conversation between those that participated. Due to this, as well as serving as an archive, the pages have become a rich source of information regarding current discourse.