a collaborative research project that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice

Evening performances


InDialogue in Collaboration with Dance4

present an evening of dialogic performances at

Nottingham Contemporary


Thursday 1st December

7-10 pm


Further information is available on Dance4’s website:

InDialogue Resident Artists

Chloé Déchery  and Jane McKernan


Image credit – Damien Eley

Title: On the Horizon (working methodology)

Abstract: Chloé Déchery and Jane McKernan offer a staged version of their working methodology; performing their dialogue as they’ve been working towards the making of their performance work On The Horizon, across countries (France/UK) and languages (French/English), across mediums (theatre/dance) and artistic cultures – while being constantly interrupted and distracted by other, sometimes more important, things (i-e poor internet connection, the day job, children, life getting in the way..).

Project: On The Horizon is a performance project between Chloé Déchery and Jane McKernan, they will be in residence at Dance4 this November ahead of the InDialogue 2016 symposium and performance evening.

On The Horizon is a performance project between theatre maker Chloé Déchery and choreographer Jane McKernan, which takes the horizon as a starting point – as a conceptual framework and tangible space – to consider our relation to the landscape and distance within a public space. On The Horizon offers an immersive and intimate experience for a small group of spectators. The piece invites the spectators to gather in an outdoor site, sit in front of a particular vista and listen to a podcast commenting upon the landscape set in front of them. Combining a semi-documentary narrative, a dreamy soundscape with choreographic interventions set within the space, the piece enables the spectators to understand how the spectating act can inform and shift our relationship to your natural environment. What do we see when we look around? What can’t we see? How can we train our eyes to “see better”?

Chloé Déchery is a French theatre-maker working in London and Paris and everywhere in-between. Chloé makes performance works for theatre and public spaces, using a combination of storytelling, anthropological observations, task-based choreography, video footage and found objects. She likes to blur frontiers between fact and fiction, between the everyday and the autobiographical, while playfully deconstructing the mechanics of representation; interrogating what we see and what remains hidden from us.

Jane McKernan is an award-winning Australian performer, choreographer and co-founder of the collaborative trio The Foundue Set (Green room Award 2009; Keir Choreographic Audience Choice Award, 2015). Her dance practice is interested in modes to guide an audience’s attention and perception.

Sally Doughty, Rachel Krische and Lisa Kendall


Title: Handle With Care

Abstract: Digging deep into their personal archives, Sally Doughty, Lisa Kendall and Rachel Krische continue a four month process of collecting, collating and cataloguing their individual embodied collections. This endeavor to amass materials and memories in the moment of performance demands that the personal becomes public; the private becomes shared; connections are remembered, made and lost. They consider how their fragmented past(s) can be dragged into their present(s) to generate new understanding and opportunities for performance making, and in doing so, they invite the audience to re/consider their individual yet interwoven, personal archives.



Sally Doughty has an established background in dance improvisation practices, is published on her work and has performed throughout the UK and internationally. She is produced by Dance4 and funded by Arts Council England to develop improvised performance for the mid-scale. With Marie Fitzpatrick, she is co-researching the identity of hybrid dance artist-academics working across academia and the professional arts sector. Sally is Head of Dance at De Montfort University

Lisa Kendall has worked for nearly 25 years as an Independent Dance Artist performing and teaching nationally and internationally in a diverse range of creative processes and environments. Since 2012 Lisa has toured extensively with performance company Reckless Sleepers in their work A String Section and this year began research for a new work with the company, Happy. In 2015 Lisa joined the Performing Arts Department at Leeds Beckett University where she is a Senior Lecturer in Dance.

Rachel Krische is Senior Lecturer in Dance at Leeds Beckett University. With an ongoing professional career spanning 24 years, she has performed extensively, both nationally and internationally, collaborating with over 30 artists such as La Ribot, Wendy Houstoun Deborah Hay and Siobhan Davies. In 2002, she won the Jerwood Choreography Award with Ben Wright. Current research considers and reflects upon movement as a cognitive process, proposing movement not as an extension of understanding, but intrinsic to the process of understanding in itself.


Vida Midgelow  and  Jane Bacon


Title: Scratch

Scratch is a conversational choreography for two women as they share stories of love, life, dancing and academia.  Following an improvisational score, Vida and Jane invite audiences to join us to in a personal and discursive duet that questions what we mean by the choreographic, how we talk about embodied experience and being human.


Vida L Midgelow

Dance Artist/Academic, Consultant, Mentor and Educator, Vida L Midgelow is Professor in Dance and Choreographic Practices at Middlesex University and lives in Derbyshire. She has over 20 years experience facilitating and lecturing in performance. Her movement and video work has been shown internationally and she publishes her research in professional, online and academic journals. As a movement artist her work focuses upon somatic approaches to dance training, improvised dance practices and articulating choreographic processes. Recent practices include: Skript, ScreenBody, Voice (a retracing) and Home (a Retracing). She undertakes dramaturgical, curatorial and consultancy roles for artists and organisations.

Jane M Bacon

Performance Artist/Academic, Mentor, Facilitator, Psychotherapist and Authentic Movement practitioner, Jane Bacon is Professor in Somatics and Dance at the University of Chichester and based in Northampton. She has over 35 years experience of teaching, facilitating and lecturing in dance and performance and over 10 years experience of working in psychotherapy. Her key interest is in finding ways practitioners and scholars can ‘articulate something’ of and from their creative process. She publishes widely in professional, online and academic journals and her installation work has been shown internationally. Recent work includes Skript, Sitting/Walking/Practice, Psyche’s Witness and Myths and Stories by Her.  She is an experienced psychotherapist, mentor and consultant working with groups and individuals.


Michael Pinchbeck

the-man-who-ace-4Title: The man who flew into space from his apartment

Abstract: The first thing to do, if you ever find yourself expelled into the vacuum of space, is exhale.

The man who flew into space from his apartment is an immersive slideshow brought to you by award-winning writer and theatre-maker, Michael Pinchbeck, in which outer space meets the theatre space as the journey of the man who flew into space from his apartment collides with that of the guest performer. Inspired by the installation of the same name by Russian artist Illya Kabakov, a guest performer follows instructions on headphones they have never heard before in front of ten people.
The performance explores escape and makes a journey, like Kabakov, between east and west, flying and falling, attempt and failure.

Bio: Michael Pinchbeck is an award-winning writer and theatre maker based in Nottingham, UK. His work has toured nationally and internationally and has been selected for the British Council’s Edinburgh Showcase three times. Michael Pinchbeck tours nationally and internationally and has been selected for the British Council’s Edinburgh Showcase three times. Commissioned by hÅb (Manchester) and Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Twitter: @mdpinchbeck



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