a collaborative research project that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice

InDialogue 2012

The first In Dialogue International Symposium took place between 30th – 31st August 2012, co-curated by Heather Connelly, Viviana Checchia, Rhiannon Jones. The website is archived here.

Artists and researchers involved included Heather Connelly, Viviana Checchia, Rhiannon Jones, Dr Anna Ball, Steve Fossey, Katarina Zdjelar, Clare Charnley, Dr Alex Mével, Bisan Abu Eisheh, Mirna Bamieh, Fucking Good Art, Alexandra Ross, Tom Estes, John Newling, Newton and Helen Harrison, Martina Reuter and Manfred Rainer from WochenKlausur, Trio Collective, Matthews & Allen and Alexandra Ross, Rachel Parry, Bartram & O’Neill, 20//20, Helena Tomlin and Julia Davis, Traci Kelly, Rebecca Beinart, Simon Withers, Julie Fournier Lévesque and Miffy Ryan.

In Dialogue 2012: