a collaborative research project that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice

The Administration Team

Meet the super In Dialogue 2014 administrators, anything you need to know Rachel, Dinah and Verity are happy to help!

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Rachel Ferguson

Documentary Photography graduate Rachel combines her interests for documentary practice through imagery and audio as a means of story telling. Since graduating, Rachel has been involved in a range of local community arts projects, and wants to help produce and develop a combined creative platform for local artists, and arts within the community. Rachel is a current volunteer at the Gateway To Nature Arts programme, where she supports public workshops for local service users and helps aid public engagement.Rachel was recently offered an internship with Arts Company BACKLIT and has been working alongside Rhiannon Jones in the run up to the launch of the ‘House Of The Flying Wheel’ exhibition.Rachel continues to work with Rhiannon and support the summers creative programme at BACKLIT.

Dinah Berger

BA Fine Art graduate Nottingham Trent University 2014. Dinah is a Nottingham based, moving image artist. Her work stems from an interest in, and long family history relating to, surveillance and voyeurism. She uses her family as a vehicle to explore critical concerns around human behaviors. Dinah makes video work that is situational, mostly improvised and spontaneous using natural, un-scripted footage. Entwined with her art practice, she has a keen interest in community, as a young mother she is eager to work both with children and young adults, in particular young mothers to  enrich their experience as a mother creatively. Dinah has had two peices of work selected for New Contemporaries.

Verity Morris

Recently finishing her Fine Arts degree, Verity Morris pursues her current practice exploring the pretence of positivity in an attempt to obscure an inevitable failure. Such a premise of failure is shrouded by the constant affirmative willingness that leads the work, focusing in on the build up to an unavoidable disappointment, which happens at the moment of collapse. Alongside her work, Verity’s constant affirmative willingness feeds her passion for the arts as she is very driven to have a firm foot in the arts scene. She has volunteered on many projects, exhibition set ups in various galleries, curation and technical assistance, her knowledge is growing and there is no limit to the skills Verity wants to learn, focus on and apply.


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