a collaborative research project that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice

InDialogue 2019

InDialogue 2019  invited artists and researchers to apply to participate in the interrogation of dialogue across 3 cities in the Midlands, UK.

Over the course of 3 days in November 2019, the participants activated the cities of Derby (19th November), Lincoln (20th November) and Nottingham (21st November), through papers, workshops, performances, happenings, artist-led labs, live music, eat together, dance, debate, create installations and interventions.

This was the 4th iteration of InDialogue curated by co-directors Dr Heather Connelly and Dr Rhiannon Jones, which brought UK and International based artists and researchers, together to share work, and expand how we think about and use dialogue within creative practice – across the disciplines of art, design and beyond.

The programme concluded with the UK premiere of hancock & kelly‘s An Extraordinary Rendition by InDialogue 2019 Resident Artists, supported by Arts Council England & Dance4. (Further information can be seen by clicking on documentation and residency page)

InDialogue 2019 explored the following strands: Site-Form-Dialogue. Site-Location-Dialogue. Site-Practice-Dialogue.

In Dialogue took place between November 19th – 21st 2019:

Day 1 DERBY: Derby Theatre & Déda

Day 2 LINCOLN: Mansions of the Future 

Day 3 NOTTINGHAM: Nottingham Contemporary

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Documentation of the 3 day event.

Photographs by Massey Photography, Kala Heatherson, Heather Connelly & Rhiannon Jones

InDialogue 2019 included presentations from: Bill Aitchison Louise Atkinson & Victoria Kortekaas, Patricia Azevedo & Clare Charnley , Angela Bartram , Simon BurrowsJane Bacon & Vida Midgelow, Rosemary (Rosa) Cisneros & Marie-Louise CrawleyEmma CockerSheelagh ColcloughHeather Connelly, Cara CourageChiara DellerbaHuw DaviesMarta Discepoli & Kirstie JamiesonSteve DuttonLinda DuvallMaria GeorgoulaTom HackettJohanna Hällsten with Juxtavoices, Phil Harris, Sarah HortonDelpha HudsonEdmund HuntMark Jeffery , Rhiannon JonesJenny KleinSally LabernNicholas LoweHamish MacphersonGemma MarmaladeMarianna Maruyama; a place, of their own., Andrea MildeNadya Monfrinoli & Robin WilliamsonAnnie Morrad & Andrew BraceySusanne PalzerRachel ParryXristina PennaMichael PinchbeckNeil Powell, Assunta Ruocco, Deniz SoezenCally TrenchStephanie VosChris WrightAnnie Xu

InDialogue Partners: Dance4, InGoodCompany, Nottingham Contemporary, Derby Theatre, Déda, Mansions of the Future , University of Derby, University of Lincoln, CVANEM.

The Programme can be downloaded here:  In Dialogue 2019 Programme A3

InDialogue 2019 Publication


Over 3 days of a symposium we had a total of 67 presentations of practice/workshops/papers.

Day 1: 24 presentations of works/speakers

Day 2: 28 presentations of works/speakers

Day 3: 15 presentations of works/speakers

There were presentations from the following disciplines:

Fine Art, Live Art/performance, Theatre, Design, Linguistics, Music, Social Science, Photography, Film, Curation.

Who attended?

141 delegates across the 3 days. 47+ per day, not including 5-15 team to run each day.

6 x International Guests:

3 from USA: Chicago & Ohio, 1 from South Africa: Stellenbosch, 1 from Netherlands: The Hague, 2 from Germany: Berlin & Stuttgart.

National & Regional Guests

Birmingham, Bristol, Derby, Edinburgh, Leeds, Lincoln, High Wycombe, London, Matlock, Northampton, Norwich, Northern Ireland, Nottingham, Cornwall, Ireland, Sheffield.


Delegates came from the following institutions: Africa Open Institute, Stellenbosch University, Bath Spa University, C-DaRE Coventry University, De Montfort University, Edinburgh Napier University, Middlesex University, Ohio University, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Nottingham Trent University, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, BCU, Norwich University of the Arts, Ulster University, University of Derby, University of Lincoln, University of Westminster.


What did InDialogue2019 participants have to say?

Congratulations again!! It was a great pleasure to be invited and participate in this very rich series of events. I’d naturally be happy to continue to be involved and to keep talking – looking forward to more conversation.’ (Associate Professor, USA)

 ‘I witnessed some great work and very interesting presentations, alongside the opportunity to develop further our own practice and thinking in residency.‘ (Resident Artist 2019)

I’m particularly grateful for both of your insightful contributions and your willingness to intervene in the more challenging moments.’ (Resident Artists, InDialogue 2019)

Thanks so much for an amazing, highly interesting, and inspiring day yesterday. I wish I could have been there for the whole conference! Probably one of the most interesting conferences I’ve been to.’ (Senior Lecturer in German)

Thank you so much for having me, it has been a great opportunity and my mind has now a lot to reflect on, was great to meet people involved in the field and be long part of this InDialogue edition.’ (Designer/Researcher working on AHRC project)

Thank you for organising such a great conference. It was invaluable to have the chance to learn about other people’s research from across the arts. It was fascinating to learn how many similarities existed between my work and the work of the other artistic researchers who were present. I really enjoyed meeting the other attendees – we had some great discussions….I’m already looking forward to the next InDialogue.’ (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Conservatoire)

Thank you for having me and the work. It’s been very enjoyable and some good contacts and possibilities made…’ (Senior Lecturer Fine Art).

Thank you both so much for a great conference and experience this week. I know you’ve both done a tremendous amount of work, and have invested a great deal personal investment and energy into making it happen and bringing so many people together. I am glad I could be a part of it and I am grateful for your support. I hope that our conversations will continue and unfold into new, unanticipated territories. I look forward to that.‘ (Independent Artist, Netherlands)

It’s been a pleasure to see everything come together on Thursday and to see that the artists/audiences were pleased with the result of the fog machine.‘ (Programme Assistant – Public Programmes & Research, Nottingham Contemporary)

Thank you so much for yesterday’s event, a great mix of practice and reflection!‘ (Senior Lecturer)

Thank you very much for including my games in In Dialogue. I really enjoyed the talks and work shown.’ (Independent Artist)

I had a wonderful time. Thank you for so generously including me in the programme and making me feel so welcome. My head is still reeling, percolating and processing. It was huge! ( Independent Artist associated to Artcore UK)

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