a collaborative research project that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice

Documentation 2014

DAY 1 & 2: Thursday 2 and Friday 3 October 2014

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DAYS 3 & 4: Saturday 4 October and Sunday 5 October

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Live broadcast from Nottingham Contemporary

Thursday 2nd October

Introduction by InDialogue curators Rebecca Beinart, Heather Connelly and Rhiannon Jones followed by Grant H. Kester in conversation with Rhiannon Jones.


Friday 3rd October


Session 1:

Please note that the first presentation contains  strong language that some people may find offensive.

Introduction by chair Dr Gillian Whiteley.  Performance by  BartramO’Neill Words of Rage.                           Panel 1: Linguistic Hospitality – intercultural dialogue, with Fucking Good Art, Rachel Marsden and Heather Connelly.

Session 2:

Performance by Tom Estes EMOTICON , Paper presentation by Sophie Bush The Tender Space: Theatre, Dialogue and Response-ability and presentation by Monika Jaeckel with Katherine Hall, Jack A.G. Britton and Lewys Holt The Touching Moment: Touch as dialogical form – the matter(ing) of response(ability) or being constituted by getting in touch.


Session 1:

Performance by Kate Stobbart  I’M ON THE TRAIN: a years worth of overheard mobile phone calls.         Panel 2: The Performative conversation, Rhiannon Jones in conversation with John Newling.

Presentation by Emma Frances O’Connor From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia, paper by Gabriella Arrigoni, performance by amaCollective dontdrinkthemilk: a de-synched conversation and closing remarks by Dr Gillian Whiteley.


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