a collaborative research project that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice

Workshops and 1:1 performances

Friday 3rd October – Nottingham Contemporary and Saturday 4th October  – Primary

Talking Matter

Rachel Gomme invites participants into a 1:1 dialogue conducted through both words and clay, it explores themes of body knowing and body memory.

Saturday 4th October  – Primary

Collaborative Practice between studio artists – it’s a lottery:  Film screening & discussion

Frank Abbott will be showing a film of the Old Skool Breaks collaborative project carried out over the last year at Primary, Nottingham. Also we will give an account of the Wysing Open Studios(Cambridge) collaborative project. The synergy between those two projects, which both use a lottery procedure to pair artists, will be explored and discussed. We will look at some of the ways that the artists worked together on making exhibits. We will finish by explaining the proposed Expanded Studio Project, between the two studios, which aims to further develop this model of collaborative practice. We will look at how others can get involved with the process.

Transforming through Translation

Arlene Tucker (Finland) and Alejandra Pineda Silva (Colombia) invite you to enter into a dialogue with them on Skype in the meeting room.  There you will be met by the artist or dancer for a 10 minute 1:1 session – your exchange will form the foundation for Transforming through Translation, an installation in Helsinki, Finland at Third Space from 24th-29th of November (

Figure Ground – Public Art Road Trip

Figure Ground are on a Public Art Road Trip, taking place over 2014-15. The idea is a mapping of art in the public realm, by artists with artists, seeing the lay of the land since the shift in funding and provision for the arts from the early 2000s to the present. In a series of short journeys which make up the ‘road trip’, we are meeting practitioners who have self-initiated projects or artworks that they define as public –socially engaged, participatory, public art, art in the public realm, etc. As definitions of public art evolve, we are interested in how artists articulate what work in public means, and what form that work takes. As part of In Dialogue we want to invite participating artists to come and meet us in our mobile studio for a conversation.

1) Workshop with Figure Ground – modelling your practice

2) 1:1 interviews with Figure Ground about your practice

Parallel Workshops: Session 1

Workshop A

Inter(acting) with the Inner Partner – a workshop and presentation on of a public self-dialogue discipline

Howard Lotker invites you to participate in the following workshop: (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (IwIP) is a solo open improvisation discipline, a psychosomatic holistic path of studying and practicing the elementary dynamics of dramatic, creative, disciplined, playful and spontaneous (inter)acting in a performance situation. This process involves cultivating the personality, studying the principles of dramatic play, and developing the psychosomatic fitness needed to be present fully and creatively in public. IwIP was created in Prague by Professor Ivan Vyskočil in the dark days of Czechoslovak “normalization;” he has been developing it for over 35 years.

Participants can wear their everyday clothes, but it should be something they feel comfortable moving a bit in. You can work with or without shoes, its up to you

2 hours (with break)  12 participants

Workshop B

A brief introduction to David Bohm’s ‘Dialogue’ and  the The Art School Experience

Hester Reeve and Helen Blejerman will discuss Bohm’s radical model for group thinking in an arts school context and explain the obstacles we have come across and the achievements of the groups that have run. They will share their experiences of the principles of the practice and explain how to set up group up, facilitate some taster exercises and allow for an open discussion about any issues of interest brought up for participants.

Workshop C

Gavin Rogers: ‘String’ workshop

This workshop explores dialogue and conversation through a temporary communal sculpture. The more traditional methods of conversation, which often depend on a range of power relationships, knowledge exchange and confidence will be tampered with to create an unusually structured yet dynamic group conversation.


Parallel Workshops: Session 2

Workshop A

Inter(acting) with the Inner Partner – a workshop and presentation on of a public self-dialogue discipline (cont.)

Workshop D

Fern Smith, Jane Trowell and Philip Ralph: Doin’ Dirt TimePerformance followed by discussion

The performance is based on a transcript of an astonishing interview by internationally renowned arts commentator Suzi Gablik in her book Conversations Before the End Of Time. In “Doin’ Dirt Time” Gablik speaks to Rachel Dutton and Rob Olds, two celebrated American artists who made the decision to give away all their artworks and possessions. Following the interview and an intensive study of tracking and survival skills they disappeared into the American wilderness. This powerful piece questions the role of the arts in society as the two protagonists explain their reasons for not only stepping out of the art world but also stepping out of society itself. They fundamentally question the traditional role of the artist, articulating their desire to live life as a sacred act rather than to simply document it. Doin’ Dirt Time is itself an experiment in simplicity, a stripped back theatre which dispenses with the smoke and mirrors of performance in order to focus on the essentials… It uses a fascinating technique in which actors interpret verbatim recordings in real time.

Workshop E

Quotes not Notes  II : A dialogue about dialogue

Fucking Good Art and Heather Connelly invite you to participate in an open discussion about the different dialogic methods, modes and practices that have been presented ways in which this term has been used during the event.  All In Dialoguers will be given some index cards and asked to write down key quotes or ideas that they hear during the symposia. This session is an opportunity to share these quotes and your general ideas, thoughts on the topic and to engage in a stimulating discussion about ‘dialogue’ in ‘dialogue’ with others.




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